Japan Karate Dublin

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Sensei Robert Preston, 3rd Dan JKA

Grand Master, Gichin Funakoshi
The father of modern day karate

More Info about our Club Instructor

Sensei Robert Preston's qualifications are as follows;

3rd Dan JKA Black Belt

Class C International Instructor's License
Class D International Referee's License
Garda Vetting, Irish Sports Council

Code of Ethitics Certified, Irish Sports Council

Level 1 Coaching through Coaching Ireland and Irish Sports Council

First Aid Certfied

30 years experience in Martial Arts

Celebrating 10 Years teaching Karate in Clondalkin

We are the Official JKA Dublin

Nihon Karate Dublin & Clondalkin Shotokan Academy are directly affiliated to the Japan Karate Association through JKA Ireland, under Sensei Noel Casey 7th Dan JKA.

Sensei Robert Preston, 3rd Dan JKA and licensed JKA International Instructor set up the club in 2009 and has been improving karate standards in the area ever since.

The Japan Karate Association is the largest and by far the most authoritative karate association in the world. The JKA was the first karate association to be established and is responsible for introducing karate to the western world. For the past 70 years the JKA has been the keeper of karate's highest traditions.  

The JKA has undoubtedly the highest standards and has produced some of the best karate instructors and practitioners in the world.

A JKA black belt is the most respected and sought after karate grade in the world, and is by far the most recognized.

The Japan Karate Association is simply, the very best in modern day shotokan karate.

Sensei Robert Preston's goal is to spread the word of JKA Karate throughout Dublin, something that has been vague and misinterpreted for more than 30 years due to a troubled history with association break ups and an outbreak in homegrown organisations.

Due to the vast expansion of organisations and an increasing number of independent instructors, karate has become heavily diluted and its reputation tarnished not only in Ireland but throughout the world. This is not the case with JKA karate, who were essentially the pioneers for karate during the 20th century and the organisation responsible for karate ever leaving its homeland Japan. For the past 50+ years the JKA have been preserving the art of karate do and ensuring the absolute highest quality of instruction throughout the world, the JKA are the keepers of karate's highest traditions and the world leaders in karate standards.

Sensei Preston believes that if all karateka could pull together under the guidance of the JKA, karate in Ireland would be a world wide standard. Sadly, many instructors believe it is more beneficial for their ego and their wallets to continue joining or forming new associations where they can dictate their own membership terms and fees, and not to mention profit from holding their own gradings without using an external examiner.

A sad but interesting fact about most karate instructors is that the majority of them are not qualified to be instructors at all, they believe that because they wear a black belt they are automatically a Sensei. Whereas they are merely an advanced karate student.

Its almost like a student doctor who has not yet graduated, opening their own surgery and getting to work, without actually receiving their qualification. Yes they may have learned how to treat patients, but if they haven't yet received their official doctors qualification and license, they are not yet doctors. Just like the black belt, just because they have learned from their Sensei does not mean they can become one themselves. They are in fact student Sensei's who have not graduated. So the big question here is, would you rather send your child to a student doctor who never received their qualifications, or a fully licensed and qualified doctor?

Most of JKA Ireland's instructors have passed the International JKA Instructors exam and received a Class D or higher instructors license. This provides the absolute highest quality of instruction for the students.