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FAQ's & Information


Beginners. What you need to know

When Can I start?

The minimum age for new members is only 4 years old, however parents should be aware that starting at such a young age does not mean they will reach black belt at a young age.
Younger children take longer the learn karate than older children or adults, as most do not develop good balance, coordination and concentration until they are between 7 - 9.
Its great to start early as it helps to boost confidence, however karate is a life long journey and quick progression through the ranks should never be the main goal.

How often should I train?

In the beginning this is entirely up to you, there is no specific requirement for new members to train more than once per week. However like any skills in life, the more you put in, the more you get out of it. It is recommended that 2 classes are attended per week to get the most of your training.

Will I get hurt?

There is no straight answer to this question. If you follow the rules, respect others and pay attention you will reduce the risk of getting injured. Whereas if you disobey the rules, misbehave and don't pay attention there is a possibility you could accidentally fall over or run into a punch or kick.

It is also important to remember that Karate is a contact sport, there will always be a risk involved. 

When will I get my black belt?

This can take years or dedicated training, for most it can take anything from 4 - 6 years of training twice per week before the black belt exam can even be attempted.
There are 9 grades preceding the black belt which must be passed first, each with a designated time period between them.
The most important thing to do, is try to enjoy your training and have fun, the rest will come with time.

What should I wear during training?

For your first few lessons, you should wear light comfortable clothing (NO JEANS or ZIPS)

Whatever you wear should be light and comfortable, a tracksuit without zips on the bottom is recommended. Once you are sure you like Karate, you you should consider purchasing a Karate Gi.

Who will be teaching and are they qualified?

All classes are conducted by club Instructor Sensei Robert Preston who holds the following qualifications; 3rd Dan JKA black belt, a "C" International Instructors License with the JKA, "D" International Referee's License with the JKA and Level 1 coaching qualification with the Irish Martial Arts Commission/Irish Sports Council. So the answer is most definitely Yes, our instructor is qualified to teach.

What else I will need?

Although you are not expected to have a karate suit on the first day, it is something that will need to be purchased within a few weeks of joining.

On the right is an example of what you will need.

1. Karate Suit (Cotton or Polycotton)

2. Gloves/Mitts (Canvas or foam)

3. Gum shield/Mouth guard

4. Gear bag

All of this equipment can be acquired through the club from Blitz Sport

Will I need Personal Accident Insurance?

Club personal accident insurance is a more of Myth, there is a common misinterpretation in clubs when purchasing insurance that the individual will be covered if they have an accident, this is not true. Although there are policies available that cover specifics like loss of limbs, paralysis and death, they can be expensive and unnecessary. Some clubs like GAA and soccer have specific policies available, however martial arts clubs do not currently have the same recognition.
Personal accident insurance can be purchased by yourselves at your own discretion however this type of cover is not possible through the club as it is highly expensive, anything from €15 - €25 per month. If you are concerned about personal injury, it is recommended that you speak to an insurance provider about a personal policy.

As a member of our club you will be required to pay a contribution towards the clubs Public Liability Insurance. This PL Policy is a legal requirement and must be in place for the club to operate. The annual cost of this insurance policy is paid for by the members of the club. Further information can be obtained from the club instructor.

All members are advised that the participation in karate is at their own risk, any injuries sustained cannot be the responsibility of the club and or its instructors, except in the event that the injury arises as a result of negligence.




Club Rules & Regulations



Our next club grading will take place in November 2020, exact date TBC.

New Membership during COVID-19 Pandemic

New members will be able to enroll from the 1st of October 2020.
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